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Marketing Service Providers (MSPs)

Marketing service providers are companies that offer marketing services to other businesses. Marketing service providers (MSPs) provide various services, including system integration, creative services, third-party data, application service provider (ASP), and hosted solutions to marketing organizations. They can be either independent or a full-service marketing company division that provides a range of services such as sales promotion and direct response to customers. As well as offering advice, they often handle all aspects of the project including planning strategies and implementing campaigns through any necessary media outlets (such as newspapers and television) before analyzing results obtained after the campaign has finished.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Marketing Service Providers (MSPs)

Small businesses can significantly benefit from using MSPs by avoiding the expense of hiring an in-house marketing department. Besides providing a variety of services, MSPs can also be employed by businesses that have marketing departments but need extra help or expertise for particular campaigns and projects.

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