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Cost per Thousand (CPM)

Cost per thousand is a marketing term that refers to the average cost of thousand advertising impressions. An impression, in this context, means how many times an advertisement makes an impression on the audience via a view or click-through. Cost per thousand is also known as cost per mille (CPM). The lower the CPM, the cheaper it is to gain an advertising impression. A $1 CPM means it costs a business only $1 to get 1,000 advertisement impressions. On the other hand, a CPM of $10 would be ten times more expensive.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Cost per Thousand (CPM)

For small businesses planning their marketing strategy, CPM is a way to simplify the conversations they have around campaign effectiveness. Marketing teams may also refer to cost per click or cost per acquisition, and understanding CPM helps businesses plan their advertising budgets effectively.