Employee Engagement Software

Employee Engagement software aims to assist managers with maintaining employee awareness of corporate culture and increasing their level of investment in the company. Employee surveys, gamification tools, team sentiment analytics, and applications that streamline communication are all represented here.

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Peakon automatically collects employee feedback, analyses it, and delivers you the insights you need to improve your business - in real-time. Our Employee Engagement platform works everywhere, for everyone. Peakon is translated into 35+ languages, and is able to handle tens of thousands of employees. Employees submit feedback via web, mobile, SMS, kiosk or app. Help everyone in your organisation reach their full potential. Ideal for companies of 100 people or more. Learn more about Peakon The real-time people analytics platform that's the simple, scientific, way to maximise your employee engagement and retention. Learn more about Peakon
The world's most powerful employee feedback and analytics platform. We make it easy to understand what drives employee commitment, pride, recommendation and motivation, and to improve your peoples journey from onboarding to exit. Get started quickly by adapting our library of ready-to-use templates and benchmarks to suit your needs. Based on research, backed by data, and powered by peoplegeeks at the world's most innovative companies. Learn more about Employee Engagement The world's most powerful employee feedback and analytics platform. Based on research, backed by data, and powered by peoplegeeks. Learn more about Employee Engagement
For the past 13 years, FWI has been the industry's leading innovator for customers seeking an enterprise solution. With more than 7,300 current clients, FWI has a stellar record of past performance. FWI's broad experience across many industries is a true differentiator when compared to our competitors. Being the most well-rounded Visual Communications vendor today means that our clients can take advantage of the best practices from our leadership in 15 markets and 35 countries. Learn more about FWI Since 2005, FWI has helped clients deliver the right information, on the right screen, at the right time from a single platform. Learn more about FWI
Enboarder is the first Experience-Driven Onboarding Platform proven to impact retention and manager participation. Our platform is suitable for businesses hiring 50+ new people per year. With on-hand support from Enboarder's dedicated customer success team, use our intuitive platform to quickly build, deploy and scale onboarding journeys that engage, amaze and connect both your new hires and manager. Learn more about Enboarder Enboarder is the first Experience-Driven Onboarding platform designed for businesses hiring 50+ people per year. Learn more about Enboarder
Engage and motivate employees with leaderboards, TV celebrations, rewards and real-time competitions. Celebrate your employees on TV, web and mobile app when they complete key tasks such as booking a new meeting, sending an offer, closing a new deal or submitting a new project design... and watch engagement and workplace culture skyrocket as a result! Fully customizable, Integrates with many CRMs and guaranteed to increase performance and motivation. Learn more about SalesScreen Engage and motivate employees with leaderboards, TV celebrations, rewards and real-time competitions. Learn more about SalesScreen
O.C. Tanner, the global leader in engaging workplace cultures, helps thousands of top companies create peak moments that inspire people to achieve, appreciate, and thrive at work. Clients use O.C. Tanner¿s Culture CloudTM suite of apps and solutions to retain, engage, and attract talent, inspire innovation, bond teams, drive performance goals, and connect people to company values. Learn more about O.C. Tanner O.C. Tanner, the leader in engaging workplace cultures, helps companies create peak moments that inspire achievement with Culture Cloud Learn more about O.C. Tanner
High-performing companies have found ways to enrich the employee experience, leading to purposeful, productive, and meaningful work. Gtmhub's alignment, transparency, collaboration, and recognition features encourages this for your team. Easily schedule 1on1s and solicit and receive feedback. Most importantly, managers can easily view the progress of an individual, with all feedback and recognition given and received, and their historic and actual progress to goal achievement. Learn more about Gtmhub The world's most intuitive goal and employee success management platform. Improve your productivity, alignment, and performance. Learn more about Gtmhub
Blue Employee Experience Management software is built from the ground up to handle your most common employee engagement survey needs. Fostering direct integration with your key IT assets (HRIS, portal, SSO ...), Blue helps you achieve utmost automation and rich insights. Learn more about Blue for Employee Experience Blue Employee Experience Management software is built from the ground up to handle your most common employee engagement survey needs. Learn more about Blue for Employee Experience
Bring your data to LIFE! Spinify gives you the ability to focus on key areas and metrics, while being able to reward and recognize your teams achievements. Clients have found that Spinify has greatly impacted output, with results such as a 300% increase in daily calls and a 66% increase in activities. Spinify increases the teams engagement in key areas of the business, this allows you to make your vision for success a reality. Learn more about Spinify Turn your raw data into a fun and engaging vehicle that helps drive performance and outcomes. Learn more about Spinify
Research driven, proven and affordable Employee Engagement platform with built in Gamification for Employee Social collaboration, Pulse Survey Tool, Idea Generation, and employee rewards. Add on modules include 360 feedback, Performance Management, Goal Setting and eLearning. Proven to improve employee engagement inspired by the Gallup's Q12 approach, Engagedly takes a comprehensive and employee driven approach to talent management. Learn more about Engagedly Proven employee engagement platform with Gamification, Social Collaboration, Survey and Rewards Learn more about Engagedly
Weekly10 combines a simple weekly process with cutting edge software to help increase the performance and effectiveness of your organization. Set questions at any level of an organization to gain real-time feedback. Weekly10 empowers managers to provide quick and effective feedback and management can analyze engagement and prevailing sentiment using our powerful AI powered reporting platform. Learn more about Weekly10 Build a better Culture. The Weekly10 process embeds a culture of feedback, growth and visibility. Now with full Slack integration! Learn more about Weekly10
DeskAlerts is the very popular solution across the business to send alerts to all users, to advise them of changes, issues, warnings and things they need to be aware of. Companies like Hilton, American Express, KRKA, Magura Asia Ltd use DeskAlerts to deliver pop-up alerts to more than 10,000 users' screens and to block an employee's work until he or she reads the message to the end. It's guaranteed that alerts will be received and seen by 100% of employees. Learn more about DeskAlerts Gather feedback from 1000 employees in 10 minutes. Send surveys on employee Laptops, Desktops, And Mobile Devices. Learn more about DeskAlerts

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Increase employee engagement quickly and easily with MyHubs cloud-based intranet software. MyHub is a low-cost solution that provides an out of the box intranet with a range of powerful business tools designed to improve internal communications and employee engagement. Such as staff directory, profiles, secure login, mobile friendly, document/file storage, blogs, forums, custom pages. Whether you are looking for an intranet for small business or a corporate, we cater for all company sizes. Learn more about MyHub MyHub is a cloud-based intranet software solution that provides companies with a range of powerful business tools. Learn more about MyHub
SnapComms makes internal communications easy. From announcing new policies or important updates, to reinforcing behaviors through visually-rich campaigns, our tools get the compliance seal of approval. Your important messages will get seen by everyone ¿ an essential guarantee for compliance managers Learn more about SnapComms Engage employees through rich visuals, dynamic formats and interaction with the SnapComms Platform. Learn more about SnapComms
Lets Buzzz is a comprehensive rewards and social recognition product designed for both small and large enterprises. It works as a catalyst in increasing engagement and empowering businesses to drive meaningful changes in culture, the employee experience, and bottom-line business metrics. Buzzz translates organization values / objectives in the form of behaviours and provides a platform to inculcate these behaviours in the day to day life of every user. Learn more about Let's Buzzz Lets Buzzz is a comprehensive rewards and social recognition product designed for both small and large enterprises. Learn more about Let's Buzzz

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Cultr is app that shapes company culture and engages employees. It is a customizable, day-to-day and fun way to turn values and desired behaviors into action. It nudges people to action based on the assumption that learning from examples of other peoples behavior is a major and likely dominant mechanism of behavior change in humans. Using challenges and mini-missions with images as proof, Cultr creates an authentic view of an organisation's culture and its actions to shape it. Learn more about Cultr The world's most exciting tool for shaping culture. Cultr uses mini-missions and peer influence to change culture bottom up. Learn more about Cultr
Bitrix24 is world's most popular free employee engagement and recognition software platform, and there is a good reason for it (hint - it's not just because Bitrix24 is free). First, it comes with important gamification elements, like badges, likes or company pulse. Second, it's social, which fosters the spirit of collaboration and grassroot connections. Finally Bitrix24 is available in cloud, on-premise (open source code) and on mobile. Learn more about Bitrix24 Bitrix24 #1 employee engagement and employee recognition platform. 4 million companies rely on free Bitrix24 HR platform. Learn more about Bitrix24
Get honest answers about employee engagement! Now featuring Employee Satisfaction with eNPS. With easy onboarding tools and applicant tracking as part of our award-winning HR platform, BambooHR makes employee engagement, recruiting, hiring, and new-hire transitioning smoother than ever. E-signature, time-off tracking, performance management, and reporting, plus a convenient mobile app to help HR pros be more efficient and more effective. Learn more about BambooHR BambooHR applicant tracking and onboarding tools set you free to recruit the best talent for your business. Start a free trial today. Learn more about BambooHR
Powerful survey software tool for business consultants to help clients and leaders uncover hidden knowledge & ideas, make decisions & drive action. Create & deploy any type of professional survey. Engage employees and teams to uncover their suggestions & improve performance. Discover what customers say & recommend. Find out your Net promoter Score (NPS). Explore opinions & generate ideas. Conduct research on markets & potential customers. Get 24 x 7 support & advice from survey experts. Learn more about Spark Chart Powerful survey software tool for business consultants to help clients uncover hidden knowledge & ideas, make decisions & drive action. Learn more about Spark Chart
Kudos is a corporate social network and peer-to-peer recognition system designed to engage your teams with enhanced communication, collaboration, appreciation, and recognition. Kudos is simple, scalable, flexible, effective and affordable. We service clients that range from 100 to 20,000 users in over 80 countries and 30 verticals. If you care about your team, culture, and communication - Kudos can work for you. To learn more about Kudos check out our website or give us a call! Learn more about Kudos Kudos is a corporate social network and peer-to-peer recognition system designed to engage your team. Learn more about Kudos
Great things happen when employees get what they crave at work. They're more aligned with your mission, purpose and values, more motivated to work harder (and smarter) and more engaged to boost your business results. That's why we've designed the only platform that lets you choose the right combination of employee recognition, communications, surveys and discounts. And, it gives you full control to build a branded platform that truly reflects the unique spirit of your company. Learn more about Reward Gateway Reward Gateway's employee engagement platform brings strategic recognition, communications, employee surveys, and discounts together. Learn more about Reward Gateway
Impraise, The People Enablement Platform, empowers your people to accelerate performance and professional growth with clear direction and alignment through reviews, goal management, real-time feedback and light-weight check-ins. Impraise engagement surveys help maintain a pulse on how connected, valued, and involved individuals feel company-wide. Learn more about Impraise Impraise engagement surveys help maintain a pulse on how connected, valued, and involved individuals feel company-wide. Learn more about Impraise
GamEffective's holistic engagement platform drives employee performance in Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Using automated, data-driven feedback, personalized goals, coaching and gamification it directs and optimizes the dialogue between employees and managers on performance, goals and knowledge gaps. GamEffective supercharges your workforce with higher engagement, better focus, and faster time to proficiency providing each employee with the motivation and knowledge they need to be great. Learn more about Gameffective Holistic engagement platform. Drive engagement, focus & proficiency with personalized goals, real-time feedback & data-driven coaching Learn more about Gameffective
Bonusly improves employee engagement and enriches your company culture through a fun, personal recognition & rewards program. With Bonusly, everyone in your organization can publicly recognize everyone else by giving small bonuses that add up to meaningful rewards. Connect recognition to your core values - Give visibility to everyone's contributions - Integrate with communication tools your employees use every day - Streamline all types of recognition & rewards - Evaluate trends across the team Make recognition fun. Engage your team. Bonusly is recognition & rewards your employees will love, and it practically runs itself.
Ultimate Software is committed to always putting people first. This core principle drives the creation of its award-winning HR, payroll, and talent management technology; delivery of its industry-leading customer service; and prevalence of its employee-centric culture. Ultimate has been ranked in the top 25 on Fortunes annual 100 Best Companies to Work For list since 2012, as well as named #1 Best Large Workplace in Technology by Fortune four years in a row (20162019). Ultimate Softwares UltiPro® cloud solutions for HR, payroll, and talent help organizations improve the employee experience and grow th
15Five is a fundamentally new way for businesses to unlock the potential of their entire workforce. Through a lightweight weekly check-in, 15Five delivers everything a manager needs to impact employee engagement and performance, including continuous feedback, objective (OKR) tracking, peer recognition, 1-on-1s, and reviews. Over 1,900 forward-thinking companies on lists like Best Places to Work and INC. 5000 use 15Five to scale their culture and bring out the best in their people. Through a lightweight weekly check-in, 15Five delivers everything a manager needs to impact employee engagement and performance.
The SoGoSurvey feedback management platform seamlessly automates data collection and analysis for organizations. From designing and distributing a questionnaire to analysis and recommendations, the platform does everything with ease and at a level of sophistication thats rare in the industry. SoGoSurvey sets itself apart from competitors through its consistently high user ratings, second-to-none reporting engine, industry-leading data security, and best-in-class, 24/7 customer support. A true end-to-end feedback management platform for organizations, seamlessly automating data collection and analysis. Demo today!
Motivosity is an employee recognition software solution. We don't mess around: Our customers experience a 95%+ user engagement rate. Motivosity promotes trust, better connects employees, and makes visible all the great work your team members are doing. We offer free trials and a six-month money-back guarantee. Motivosity is used by companies like HealthCatalyst, BlueHost, Instructure, and Workfront to improve employee engagement and company culture. Take a closer look. #thanksmatters Motivosity is an employee recognition software solution that improves employee engagement and company culture.
WebHR is revolutionizing the way HR works. WebHR is a Social all-in-one Cloud based HR Software for Small & Medium Enterprises that handles everything from Hire to Retire, in the most innovate way. WebHR not only saves money to the companies, but also boosts productivity, saves space and make inter and intra-office communications fast, reliable and more efficient. WebHR assists in managing a companys most important asset - its People. WebHR is everyone's favorite and a global leader in Cloud HR - Helps you manage the most important asset in your company - your People!
Trakstar's Employee Engagement software helps employees and managers alike have a safe place to share wins and discuss challenges on a regular basis. Engagement surveys will show managers where employees are lacking in these motivational elements. Discover the information you need to create a working environment where people have the opportunity to reach their potential. Learn more with a free demo! Measure and improve employee engagement, execute company pulse checks and employee opinion polls. Get a free demo!
Get answers fast with Nextiva Surveys, our custom employee engagement software. Collect the answers you need to understand your staff and make better decisions. Featuring nine question types, survey templates, email notifications, skip logic, and more, Nextiva Surveys provides all the tools needed to measure respondents. Plus, businesses can customize landing pages, thank you pages, colors, and everything in between! Seamlessly integrate with other Nextiva products for a full view of employees. Get answers fast with Nextiva Surveys, a custom online employee engagement software, to better understand your staff.
Performance Pro is a fully customizable, automated, online performance appraisal system. Designed for those requiring an effective and flexible employee development and evaluation tool, Performance Pro is readily adaptable to meet current and evolving company needs. Goal management supports employee development. Communication tools ensure sound and timely evaluations. Managers' tools promote simple and effective evaluations. View online product demo or obtain free trial. Fully customizable, automated performance appraisal system. Set and prioritize goals and factors.
Hi5 makes it easier for people to manage people. It's a simple, easy cloud solution that enables employees within companies to recognise and rate each other to free up management and HR teams from laborious admin. Hi5 measures Appreciation, Goals, Culture and Happiness by allowing employees to give continuous feedback. Simple cloud solution that lets employees recognise and rate each other. Hi5 measures Appreciation, Goals, Culture and Happiness!
eXo Platform is an employee engagement platform that helps you to empower and engage your employees with better collaboration and communication and powerful recognition capabilities. Empower your employees by simplifying their work anywhere. Enhance teamwork with a wide range of communication and collaboration tools to invite members, manage projects, share documents, and collaborate in real time. Recognize desired engagement behaviours with gamification and reward capabilities An employee engagement platform that helps you to empower and engage your employees
Optimity is a hyper-adaptive employee success and wellness platform. It is designed to engage employees (77-98%+) and reduce costs for employers. Using the science of micro-habit coaching, we provide a mobile-1st experience for employees. Optimity apps sync with your current routines (calendar, other apps, wearables, etc.) to form small, healthy micro-habits that help you live happier and longer. HR leaders use the Optimity administrator panel to launch Health Risk Assessments and report ROI. SaaS solution that helps businesses create holistic wellness programs, schedule micro-activities, and collaborate with colleagues.
Build a happier, higher-performing company using the Mango Pulse App. With an intelligent employee platform at its core, MangoApps is designed for & serves organizations with 50-50,000 employees in a broad range of industries from retail, healthcare, manufacturing, not-for-profit, professional services, financial services, media, technology and the public sector. Build a happier, higher-performing company using the Mango Pulse App.
Glisser's award winning audience engagement software shares presentation slides to employees' devices in real-time, then uses audience interaction, Q&A, polling, social feeds and private note taking to improve the attendee experience and provide useful event analytics. It's simple for event organizers to set up, and requires no audience download. Award winning audience participation software for live events and the classroom.
Qarrot makes employee recognition easy, fun, and effective for small to mid-sized organizations by providing a complete solution including peer-to-peer recognition, goal-based incentive campaigns, milestone (anniversary) awards and a social activity feed. Only Qarrot gives you the superpower of Multi-Factor Employee Engagement! Get started with Qarrot today! Qarrot is a complete rewards and recognition platform for small to mid-sized organizations focused on staff engagement and motivation.
Ohana is a virtual place to connect and communicate with your work family - your Ohana. We help you enhance your culture, inspire engagement, and enrich the work life experience of all your employees. Interact more easily, more often, and with more people. Know about the people you work with and your company. Share meaningful information and moments. Experience your company culture in a whole new way. A mobile app used by companies to connect and communicate with their employees.
Threads Culture Software enables organizations to better identify, monitor and protect their culture by making core values center to their performance management and employee engagement process. Conduct meaningful performance reviews that measures employees against your unique core values as well as their individual goals. Capture real time feedback to allow managers to react throughout the year and not just at review time. Threads culture allows you to review employees based on your organization's core values and culture.
OnSemble is more than an employee intranet it's a complete hub that connects your people to the information they need when they need it. It's the homepage for your organization. OnSemble's drag and drop interface means your imagination is the only limit, design pages that reflect your culture without entering a single line of code. It's is an intranet that your employees with love, and actually use. More than an intranet portal. An employee collaboration, engagement and document platform that allows you to build without programming.
Beekeeper is an operational communication platform designed to enhance Employee Engagement within an organization. Beekeeper has been successfully utilized to reduce employee turnover, boost productivity, and improve overall employee satisfaction. The friendly, easy-to-use interface allows for quick onboarding and immediate implementation. Powerful analytics lets admins measure and optimize internal communications to maximize employee engagement. Beekeeper is an award-winning Employee Engagement platform designed to connect every employee and improve internal communication in any
Employee engagement software for businesses that helps track the well-being of teams via analytics, feedback exercises, etc. Employee engagement software for businesses that helps track the well-being of teams via analytics, feedback exercises, etc.
Qualtrics Employee Experience (EX) creates a snapshot across the entire employee lifecycle, automatically prioritizing key drivers of engagement and experience so you can build strong teams, drive productivity, and reduce unwanted attrition.You gain the power and flexibility to tailor your engagement program to meet your needs, whether that includes a regular employee census survey or ad-hoc pulse surveys. In addition to world-class technology, we offer consulting and a 24/7 live support team. Qualtrics Employee Experience is the best engagement platform to build strong teams, drive productivity, and reduce unwanted attrition.
Connecteam's all-in-one employee app is an industry leading solution to raise engagement, reduce turnover, get honest feedback and improve everyday productivity. Our platform packs highly customizable features so you can keep all employees on the same page: In-app chat for private or team conversations, anonymous surveys, a highly advanced employee directory, updates with or without comments and likes, easy and secure login, and so much more. A powerful and affordable solution! Try it for free! Connecteam is an easy-to-use platform, where you'll find everything you need to engage your employees like never before.
Bambu by Sprout Social is an advocacy platform that gives your employees a simple way to share curated content across their social networks, dramatically increasing your reach on social media. Advocacy platform that gives your employees a simple way to share curated, pre-approved content across their social network.
Engage your employees by developing a coaching culture. Engaged employees are part of exceptional teams, have the freedom to work on their own, and the ability to learn and grow every day. Best suited for 100-500 employee teams, Performance Culture uses the Performance-Values Matrix. The software includes Performance Reviews, Check-Ins, Coaching Templates, Goal Management, Employee Engagement Surveys, 360 Degree Feedback, Learning Management System and exclusive Coaching Videos. Award winning software to engage your team and manage performance.
Discover a seriously simple tool that brings people together. Why? Because today's organizations are more complex than ever: people are dispersed, there's more info, and we have more ways to communicate than ever before. Engaging employees is a noble goal, but it shouldn't add to this complexity. You need a way to help people participate in your culture and feel the value of the contribution they make. Jostle is designed to empower people and organizations. Jostle is the only intranet designed to simplify life, and keep it simple as you grow-so your people and your organization can flourish
Wishlist Rewards combines simple administration and the power of recipient choice to create memorable employee recognition programs. We offer fully-automated milestone rewards and multi-channel spot reward programs. Wishlist recipients can choose from a catalog of nationwide experiences, which ensures all employees have options they'll enjoy. Combining simple administration and the power of recipient choice to create a rewarding experience for everyone.
Measure Employee Engagement by getting real-time feedback from your organisation. Include custom Online Surveys, Coaching Sessions and 1-click reports. Trusted by hundreds of companies, eloomi is ideal for engaging different workforce generations. Measure Employee Engagement with custom Online Surveys, Coaching Sessions and 1-click reports.
Award-winning secure and shared platform enabling engagement amongst non-desk employees. Sharing projects, best practices and results across locations, clients with 250+ users see a 10% rise in average sales since adoption. With full integrations, strengthen your brand with your own app. Used by 350+ clients in 27 countries, clients include Marriott Hotels, G-Star, Hudson's Bay, Suitsupply and Mars. At implementation success rates of 100%, communicate smarter with Speakap. Experience 30% more sharing across your non-desk employees with the award-winning secure platform. Engage smarter with Speakap.
Jive Software, part of the Aurea family of customer experience solutions, provides the gateway to an organization's most important assets its knowledge and people. Jive accelerates workplace digital transformation with its industry-leading Interactive Intranet solution that connects people, information and ideas to help businesses outpace their competitors. With more than 30 million users worldwide across every industry, Jive is consistently recognized as a leader by top analyst firms. Jive's Interactive Intranet software provides a single platform for employee collaboration without complication.
For the past 13 years, Energage has researched what separates Top Workplaces from the rest. Weve studied more than 17 million employee survey responses from well over 50,000 organizations. Weve figured out what great looks like, and we know how to win with culture. The Energage platform combines research, neuroscience principles, and expert guidance to help you unleash performance and realize the full potential of your workforce both at speed and scale. Cloud-based solution designed for businesses that helps manage employee recognition, organizational insights, brand value & more.
Conduct employee engagement surveys to understand the pulse of your organization and to identify ways to improve employee satisfaction. 7Geese is a simple and effective performance management platform which is trusted by 300+ organizations worldwide. The 7Geese platform includes OKRs, goal setting, 360 feedback, employee engagement surveys, employee-driven feedback, 1-on-1s and core values based Easy-to-use tool for employee engagement surveys to give you a pulse of your organization and employee satisfaction.
Lattice integrates employee engagement with continuous performance management into a people management platform that gives People Leaders solutions to build engaged, high-performing teams. They empower HR teams to make more strategic, data-driven decisions and build winning cultures. Find out why over 1,300+ companies trust Lattice for people management. Schedule a demo at Lattice.com. Lattice is the way engaged, high-performing teams build winning cultures through rich, actionable insights about their people.
Officevibe is an employee engagement survey software with key features like anonymous employee feedback, eNPS tracking, reports for every team and the whole company, and an extensive improvement section. We provide real-time insights on your employees happiness & productivity. Our 350+ pre-build questions are based on industry standards and make sure every aspect of your company is covered. Officevibe provides the simplest way to measure employee satisfaction and gives you actionable tips to enjoy a better workplace.
DeveLoop, by Sproutlogix, creates an Adaptive Learning Experience to align their IDP to the overall business objectives. Prescribed Learning journeys with kinesthetic activities, audio-visual learning resources, recommendation engine, Email & calendar reminders, and 360-degree feedback allow your employees to have a more Personalized Learning Experience. The platform's AI Superbot Cavis acts as a coach, mentor and buddy to employees to guide them throughout their development. DeveLoop allows you to create an Adaptive Learning Experience for your employees using AI, Behaviour Science & Rich Analytics.
The tool for business professionals who need to know how effective they are with the information they share with their customers to retain business and grow accounts. Ving is an engaging, trackable, digital packet full of your information with real time notifications and a dashboard to uncover your best practices. Your Ving may include: video, audio, images, documents, text and surveys. Ving connects business professionals with customers/clients to gain valuable feedback through sharing trackable information packets.
Analyse and improve your employee engagement with our Engagement Survey software. Analyse and improve your employee engagement with our Engagement Survey software.
Leading global provider of cloud-based Human Capital management software tools. Our innovative solutions help organizations nurture their people talent from hire-to-retire". A provider of leading edge talent development, engagement, succession planning and operations management solutions in one intuitive and simple integrated portal. We add value to our clients by enabling a culture of coaching and mentoring that stimulates employee engagement. We didnt invent Talent Development Solutions... We made Talent Development Solutions simple, engaging, intuitive and impactful!
Synergita is a cloud-based, Employee Engagement & Appraisal Software. It is simple, intuitive & easy to use. Measure your employee engagement and improve work culture with quick to setup Employee Engagement Surveys. Create an inclusive work culture and find out what works better and what doesn¿t. Set up and conduct employee surveys quickly and easily. Prepare the survey form, notify the employees and get responses and analyze survey results. We generally focus on 200+ emp size company. A continuous feedback based Employee Performance, Development, Employee Engagement & Performance Appraisal Software
Appreciate, motivate, and engage in real time with P2P recognition tied to goals, performance, and core values. Quantum Workplace gives managers a holistic view of performance by integrating recognition seamlessly into goals, 1-on-1s, and performance feedback. Help managers model the behaviors and values of your culture. Set up recognition badges tailored to your organization, and tie every recognition post to a desired behavior. Values come to life when employees can see them in action. Appreciate, motivate, and engage in real time with P2P recognition tied performance and goals.
Structural brings together people data from across an organization to create stunningly rich profiles in an all-in-one people directory. The ability to access this data, via intelligent search, allows you to quickly and easily find and connect with experts in your organization, identify similarities in top-performing team members, and much more. Structural makes these profiles accessible to everyone so organizations can replace isolation and noise with connection, agility, real-time insight. Structural is an all-in-one people directory that uses rich profiles, intelligent search, and insights to connect your organization.
emPerform is the only non-modularised talent management solution available that offers powerful online appraisals, goal management, and 360 reviews enhanced by a suite of best-practice performance management features to help you simplify reviews and create a winning talent management strategy. emPerform has thousands of users across the globe spanning large and small organisations in both the public and private sectors. The emPerform platform makes online performance management, talent management and succession planning easier.
Measure & improve workplace climate with weekly 360-degree mini-surveys. Increase engagement with our gamified system (bilingual). Team members can award their peers points and stickers on a wide variety of traits and activities. They can also share public and private suggestions. Points can be exchanged in our custom-made, easy to manage EPIC prize store. Clarity Wave's EPIC system measures over 60 points of data in real-time and provides your company with unparalleled insights. Measure & improve workplace climate with weekly 360-degree mini-surveys. Increase engagement with our gamified system (bilingual).
Do you know what your employee experience is REALLY like? TINYpulse helps you find out - by sending a quick, one-question pulse to your employees each week, available wherever your employees are working (iPhone and Android apps, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more). With tools for employee recognition, one-on-one coaching, and anonymous suggestions, TINYpulse lets you hear the input you've been missing. The platform for the entire employee experience. Start with a free 14-day trial.
Hyphen helps leaders have honest conversations with their teams, identify opportunities, and prioritize the actions that build trust and drive engagement. Hyphen combines various data points from employee life-cycle surveys (onboarding, engagement, exit, alumni, etc), pulse polls and crowdsourced anonymous employee conversations and provides powerful analytics and visual dashboards to identify problems areas and durably improve employee retention and productivity. Hyphen helps leaders have honest conversations with their teams, identify opportunities, and prioritize the actions that build trust.
A fast, easy-to-use full-featured meeting app for audience polling, Q&A, surveys and more. Used by industry leading companies for town halls, all hands, webinars and regular meetings and events. No downloads: opens instantly on any mobile or desktop device in the browser. Some key features are: fully-anonymous participation option, real-time feedback ability, audience emotional response analysis, raffles, and extended customization. Full-featured meeting app for polls, Q&A, and more that can be accesses on any device in the browser.
With honeybeeBase, you can track your employee's: paid time off, absences and vacation requests all from a web based platform anywhere you have an internet connection. Our intuitive tracking also integrates with our time clock system, communication and employee training to give you total management of your entire team for one low price. Start your free trial to see how you can start saving time and money today! Web-based solution for time & attendance, employee scheduling, team communication and more! Start your free 28 day trial today!
A seamlessly integrated employee recognition & engagement platform inside Outlook, Office 365, Workplace by Facebook, Sharepoint, and more. Recognize's integrations coupled with its feedback-loop builds a habit of recognition in your company. Features include: + Automatic employee anniversary and birthday recognition + On-the-spot social employee recognition + Manager recognition & notifications + Nomination voting + 100+ gift cards & company-managed reward system + Super customizable An integrated employee recognition platform with anniversaries, nominations, social recognition for managers and employees.
The WorkTango platform creates space for employees to have a voice and helps companies easily gather frequent feedback for any engagement, transformation, or feedback initiative. Using data science and natural language understanding, actionable insights from employee feedback is served in real-time to Human Resources, C-Suite executives people leaders. The results are quicker insight, better people actionable decisions, and a more aligned and engaged workforce. WorkTango enables companies to give their employees a voice and easily collect feedback for any purpose to support actionable insight.
A simple, yet powerful platform that delivers instant hiring intelligence PLUS the ability to discover and maximize talent across your organization. Predictive assessments, video interviewing, reference checking software, culture assessments, and leadership simulations. Hire the right people, discover hidden talent, and maximize every employees success.
An innovative tool to measure and trigger engagement at work. &frankly is used both by small teams as well as enterprise companies with complex organisational structures. Both top management and managers get real time insights that support them in increasing engagement and driving change. &frankly provides you with best practice functionality to get started easily as well as a high degree of flexibility to use the tool in a way that best supports your specific organisational challenges. An innovative tool to measure and trigger engagement in your workplace. Get insights in real time on the state of your organisation.
Humble Dot is a manager tool that tackles the challenges of managing teams by building team camaraderie, visibility, and stronger relationships with direct-reports through automated lightweight check-ins. Automated manager tool that helps build team camaraderie, visibility, and stronger relationships with direct-reports.
SurveyMonkey Engage is a purpose-built solution to help HR holistically understand and improve employee engagement. Pre-built surveys and automated deployments help remove the burden of engagement program administration. Rooted in social science, SurveyMonkey Engage takes a whole-person approach to understanding your employees relationship with the workplace. Decrease employee turnover and savor the bump in your bottom line. Start your free trial or demo today! SurveyMonkey Engage is a purpose-built solution to help HR holistically understand and improve employee engagement.
Cloud-based customer experience management tool that helps businesses capture and analyze customers' feedback to improve brand value. Cloud-based customer experience management tool that helps businesses capture and analyze customers' feedback to improve brand value.
Keep everyone on the same page. Crew powers the front-line of your business in one simple-to-use app. Over 10,000 businesses across every industry are using Crew to streamline communications, engage employees and drive business results. You can use Crew to immediately message all team members, distribute the schedule, find shift coverage and recognize top-performing employees across your organization. Communicate in real-time with your hourly employees. Send one message that reaches your entire workforce instantly. Get a free demo!
Blink delivers a measurable improvement in Employee Engagement by improving internal communication. Your own employee app for internal comms, videos, training, sharing and notifications. Blink is ideal for mobile teams and firstline workers, enabling them to connect, be informed and productive on the move. Reach your colleagues wherever they are with relevant news, videos, posts, polls, and even application notifications, holiday booking, return to work forms. Blink is an employee app that delivers a measurable improvement in Employee Engagement by improving internal communication.
Employee Engagement, Evolved. The agile engagement platform that uncovers how your people truly feel enabling mangers to create highly effective teams, retain key staff for longer and deliver better business results. At organisation, team or individual level WeThrive's unique 4Cs model leverages the latest psychological understanding to quickly deliver insights, actions and learning content that helps your managers create a high performance culture. WeListen, WeCoach, WeLearn & WeDo Uncover how your people truly feel, create highly effective teams, retain key staff for longer and deliver better business results.
Web and mobile solution for companies of 100+ employees to improve employee engagement via automated feedback collection. VibeCatch enables the setting up of automated polls collecting relevant feedback from your employees. You can use your own questions or our scientific QWL framework with ready-made questions and automatic analysis. Our QWL method is the only scientifically validated method guaranteed to have an impact on employee engagement as well as your company's financial results. Web and mobile solution to improve employee engagement via automated feedback collection, analysis and real-time reports.

by Söderberg & Partners Heartpace

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Heartpace is modern Continuous Performance Management software. Our clients choose Heartpace as OKRs management & Strategic Alignment tool. Develop connections in vision, strategy and objectives for all employees on one platform. Keep your employees Focused, Motivated and Aligned with Great 1:1 Talks and outgoing Feedback. Increase commitment, performance and profitability. Results are immediate and push the entire company in a positive direction. Cloud-based performance review and feedback tool that assists firms with 360 degree evaluation, payroll, feedback and goal setting.
YouEarnedIt is the employee experience platform powered by the science of motivation and the mission of improving the lives of employees everywhere, one company at a time. Our company and technology are built on the four pillars of employee experience: connection, meaning, impact, and appreciation. YouEarnedIt, a leading HR SaaS company that improves bottom-line performance metrics by enhancing the employee experience.
Sales team motivation solution offering countdown clock, sales contests, leaderboards, and sales gamification capabilities. Sales team motivation solution offering countdown clock, sales contests, leaderboards, and sales gamification capabilities.
Brand Integrity offers the only cloud-based solution that delivers a 360 degree view into employee engagement, employee recognition and customer loyalty on a single platform. The result is real-time, data-driven insights that drive business outcomes, such as lower turnover, improved NPS, lower employee stress, less customer churn, and more. It's why more than 60 percent of Brand Integrity's clients are recognized as "best places to work." A cloud-based solution for driving and measuring employee engagement, employee recognition and customer loyalty in a single solution.
Organizations thrive when employees are empowered to take ownership of their work, when they can see the bigger picture, and know how they fit within the collective success of their team and company. Kazoo combines what people want with what companies need in one easy-to-use platform that celebrates every win and brings workplaces to life. Experience the joy of when work is working with Kazoos unique combination of Recognition & Rewards, Performance Management, and Engagement Surveys. Experience the joy of when work is working with Kazoos Recognition & Rewards, Performance Management, and Engagement Surveys.
CommonBenefits helps employers, unions, and affinity groups manage open enrollments, add new hires, and administer benefits. Using any payroll, handle groups of any complexity and size from 10+ to 500,000+ people. Insurance agencies manage multiple accounts using our Benefits Operating System. Enroll medical benefits, numerous voluntary products such as life, disability, accident, retirement plans and coordinate with administrative services including FSA, HSA, payroll, COBRA and ACA reporting. CommonBenefits offers a robust benefits platform for managing open enrollments and administering benefits year round.
Snowfly is a leading gamification-based employee incentive, recognition and data analytics company. We create a customized approach for each client to provide the best employee engagement for their organization using a unique variable-interval and positive-reinforcement reward and recognition system. We use analytics to provide actionable steps towards individual and organizational improvement via focused recognition and real-time incentives. We deliver measurable results to each & every client. Gamification-based online SaaS incentive & recognition programs powered by Snowfly.
Totem is the mobile-first employee engagement platform that uses gamification to create stronger workplace cultures. Built by ex-game teams from Fifa and The Sims, Totem builds authentic engagement through meaningful connections, data that motivates improvement and a culture of real-time recognition. Communicate to your teams, run surveys with advanced analytics, drive performance, create a sense of belonging - all in a way that doesn't feel like work and direct to employees' devices. The new employee engagement app that uses gamification to drive team communication, recognition and performance.
Thriving teams make for engaged employees. We're on a mission for every team to be a thriving team with people doing work that energizes them through. Cloverleafs online platform provides data-driven insights to empower every person in the organization to increase their relational and communication effectiveness, ultimately improving productivity and engagement. Summary: Put those survey results about employee engagement and culture into action with tips & tricks sent right to your employees! Survey employee personalities, measure skills & competencies, and receive actionable insights to amplify employee engagement.
GoalSpan is creating the future for employee feedback and performance. Its a smart tool that replaces the outdated annual review with a simple and intuitive digital platform. Everyone easily sets goals, shares ideas, and gets real-time feedback. This allows employees to perform their best because they are motivated by a clear vision, and understand how they contribute to that vision. Come be a part of our growing community where the world of digital performance is at your fingertips. Employee feedback and performance solution that lets users set goals, share ideas, and get real-time feedback.
Mo uses social recognition and meaningful rewards to improve employee engagement. Used in 45 countries and available in 12 languages Mo's people insights tool is the only solution on the market recognised by the CIPD. Mo works with some of the worlds best known brands creating meaningful employee engagement through rewards, recognition and employee-led ideas - including Sky, William Hill, IHG and the NHS. The managed platform is highly customisable and available on iOS, Android and Web. Market leading social recognition and rewards tools coupled with data analytics that surface valuable insights to HR and the business.
Smart business accountability solution to make sure critical activities get done ... imagine a checklist for businesses that manages the reminders, escalation, and actions ... and also keeps track of people's performance against deadlines. CommandHound is all about transparent accountability to foster a culture of execution. CommandHound does this across organizational boundaries and geographies with relentless efficiency. Smart business accountability solution to make sure critical activities get done ... fostering a culture of execution.
WISP is a simple SaaS service for HR managers that helps to create customizable employee apps. All the changes made with the web admin panel sync to members' phones. WISP helps your team to stay in touch. Share and discuss updates. Introduce the team and what it stands for to a new member. Provide quick access to members' contact details. Any group of people united by a common idea and purpose, who don't meet up on a daily basis, will find WISP extremely helpful. Employee Onboarding and Engagement App. The easiest way to increase employee engagement and simplify your onboarding process.
Our innovative mobile-centric microfeedback approach creates high-performing and engaged teams. Informed by performance management best practices and inspired by a desire for employees everywhere to experience quality feedback and performance management, its the right real-time feedback solution for your company. Performance fuels companies. What fuels performance? iRevü.
Workify's state-of-the-art platform & team of engagement experts make it easy for you to understand and take action on what your employees have to say. From survey design to custom reporting and action planning, Workify provides actual humans to help you every step of the way. Employee engagement platform that makes it easy for companies to quickly capture & take action on what their employees have to say.

by Jalapeno Employee Engagement

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Jalapeno ties together employee feedback, workplace engagement analytics, and evidence-based coaching and support in one easy-to-use web-based platform. Use one of our ready-made survey templates to start getting insights into how your employees are feeling on the job, or create your own surveys to drill down into topics that are closer to your company's unique needs. We also mentor teams along the way and make sure there are accountability and movement in the right direction Jalapeno has made it easy to create a culture where both individuals and companies can reach their full potential.
A secure internal communication app connecting all employees with focus on employee experience, micro learning and community building. NEWSFEED Through targeted communications, keep all employees informed of company news in real time CHAT Individually, in Groups or Teams, instantly and securely exchange messages, files or surveys through Instant Messaging LEARN Easily create engaging multimedia content. Enhance learning and make transfer knowledge fun. A secure internal communication app connecting all employees with focus on employee experience, micro learning and community building.
Staffbase is the employee communication platform for communicators in large, distributed organizations. Using a mobile first approach, it allows internal communicators to reach every employee through various channels like news, mobile magazine, chat rooms and surveys. Analytics and reports allow communicators to find opportunities for impactful communications and to show the impact of their work to stakeholders. With integrations to SharePoint it can also act as a mobile intranet. Staffbase connects your entire workforce and helps to get the right message to the right people, at the right time.
An innovation Management Software that will enable your organization's transformation through collaborative innovation. Boost your corporate innovation program with us, spark your team best ideas and make innovation happens! The companys Management can monitor the entire process in real time, take action directed at a specific part of the process, receive detailed information on its evolution, and ensure that the most powerful, innovative and disruptive ideas become concrete implementations. Ask for your organization challenges. Tap your internal talent, reinforce your employee engagement and listen actively to their ideas,
CultureIQ is the leading global culture management company and helps organizations drive competitive advantage by aligning culture with strategic business objectives. Powered by industry-leading strategists, flexible technology, and a validated research framework, CultureIQ makes whats good for people good for business. CultureIQ is a culture management company powered by expert IO strategists, a flexible, technology platform, and a validated research.