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Explore alternatives to Cogito that are most similar in terms of key features and benefits. Review the following Cogito alternatives to see if there are any Cogito competitors that you should also consider in your software research.

Cloud-based text mining console that helps businesses analyze text data via natural language processing (NLP). Learn more about SimpleX
Explore Text Analytics with unique ML topic modeling in 2D/3D maps. Pre-identify topics; Experience smart 2D/3D visuals.
Chattermill unifies customer feedback, customer support, and product feedback into a single platform, to analyse customer data at scale
An app that converts websites into data tables with easily extractable texts, images, locations, numbers, and urls.
Thematic is a text feedback analytics solution built to automatically make sense of all sources of customer feedback you've collected.
Analyze feedback, reviews, chats, emails, surveys, etc in an easy way, getting a better understanding of your customers and employees.
Caseboard is an integratable intelligence suite for visual data analysis, database integration, for investigating and preventing fraud.
Cloud-based SaaS for the automatic analysis of multilingual customer feedback and open-ended questions.
Schedule, Scan, Index and Apply metadata and keywords to data, pdf, word, based on the contents of each (against your rules)!
uCrawler lets you collect news articles from any source, in any language without coding. Try keyword filtering, topic-based clustering.
AI platform to analyze text with Machine Learning and turn emails, tweets, surveys or any text into actionable data.
AI Text & Sentiment Analytics tool that gives you instant operational insights.
Maple handles all mathematical needs while enabling the ability to treat your calculations like the valuable assets they are.
Cloud-based ML solution that helps manage text mining & ticketing systems to streamline analytics & data classification operations.
Phedone is a portfolio of artificial intelligence solutions that use semantic analysis to streamline customer support.

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